© 2019 by Molly S. Hillery

Molly Hillery is an author and editor based in the Midwest. 

Growing up as the youngest and lone female of three, Molly started writing short stories and creative fiction at the age of 5. When asked as a child what she wanted to be when she grew up, her answer was steadfast and unwavering: an author. Approaching adolescence, she stopped writing creative stories, but could always be found writing in her journal, filling up nine books by the age of 20.


Molly started publicly blogging in 2015, and has been honing her craft online ever since. Molly writes about trauma, loss, mental illness, social justice, relationships, life lessons, and women's issues. She has formed solid connections through sharing her story, and is passionate about helping others find their voices, too. To her, there is no greater gift one can give than reaching out and saying, "Your story helped me feel less alone."

Molly is active on social media and loves connecting to other readers and writers through these platforms. Follow her on any of her accounts, or simply drop by and say hello.